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tv   Book TV in Omaha Nebraska  CSPAN  August 14, 2015 6:54pm-6:56pm EDT

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him during his administration. the window directly behind me is dedicated to betty ford as the first lady. this particular one we're standing in front of shows president ford as an athlete. he loved golf and skiing. we actually have some of his golf clubs that were donated here. well, now we're standing in the betty ford rose garden. and this was a plan that was it loped in 1979-1980 and s originally that once the probably got started, the birth site got started, mr. paxton started securing property to the west which became the rose garden here. our design allowed for a passageway or knock-through wall and then ultimately this arbor and what we call the
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governor's circle where we talk about the history of nebraska and all the territorial and state governors are listed here. and then we get down to the rose garden area. in the rose garden, there are two bronze busts. one of gerald ford and one of betty ford. president ford was always extremely honored to be here, very grateful to jim paxson for developing the site. humbled by it all. but when it come right down to it, he was just like you and i visiting here today. very down-to-earth, warm person, both he and betty ford. just wonderful people. >> the c-span cities tour continues on monday. we head to


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